Wildflower Sailor Necklace Knit Kit

July 26, 2016 Julie O'Neill

Wildflower Sailor Necklace Knit Kit

When you're faced with sticky heat and stifling humidity resulting in your brain starting to shut down when you're contemplating bigger, maybe more complicated or wool-ier knitting projects, it's time for a super easy and gratifying project like the Wildflower Sailor Necklace. I made mine in about an hour! You'll need one of our Wildflower Sailor Necklace Knit Kits, size US 11 needles and a few other notions like fabric glue and a toggle clasp. 

The Wildflower Sailor Necklace is made with Knit Collage's Wildflower, a yarn made of strips of cotton voile fabric that's handmade in India. For this project, you're basically just knitting i-cords and then transforming them into a really stylish and unique necklace (in my humble opinion). Do you know how to knit an i-cord? Or, just choose one of a whole slew of available videos showing you this technique! An online search for something like "how to knit an i-cord" should do the trick.

Wildflower Sailor Necklace Knit Kit

The Wildflower Sailor Necklace is definitely not your typical knitting project. I actually don't think I've ever knit a necklace before making this one. But, sometimes it's a whole lot of fun to get outside of your usual knitting routine and make a pretty new accessory. That you can wear within hours of starting it. How many knitting projects can you say that about?!

I actually have quite a bit of yarn leftover and should be able to make another one. You know, because it's never too early to start making holiday gifts!

Wildflower Sailor Necklace Knit Kits are sold here!


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