Summer Hours & Staying in the Loop on Social Media

May 04, 2017 Julie O'Neill

Our Summer Hours will begin soon -- after the local schools get out and the helpers for my little ones are more available. They're teachers which means we are super lucky to have extra help during our busier summer months PLUS we can say that our kids have "private tutors" when we want to feel fancy.

Starting the week of June 20, our brick and mortar shop will be open 5 days per week: Tuesday through Friday from 10AM - 5PM and Sunday 11AM-4PM. Most of our classes will continue to be held during the evenings and occasionally on a weekend day. Yep, that means we'll be closed Saturday and Monday. The beach traffic tends to prevent lots of Saturday shoppers from venturing our way so we decided a few years ago that we would close that day during the summer months. 

Until then, we're open Saturday and Sunday for you to visit us in-store. AND, our website is always open! Seriously, check it out if you haven't already! Use our web shop as a way to scope out our current inventory to help with project planning before you visit AND/OR to shop while all cozy in your pajamas at home.  

Lastly, if you follow this blog, you may have noticed fewer posts as of late. I'm just not able to post as frequently to our blog as I've done in the past. While blogs are definitely very helpful in sharing news and promoting our shop, creating each post is actually a pretty time-consuming process. With two little ones now, it's just not something I can take on as often so I've been sharing a lot more on Instagram and Facebook. I'm not saying this will always be the case but it is the situation for now. Psst -- I'm pretty sure you can still view what's on Instagram even if you don't have an account (though, it's really worth having it in my opinion!).

To stay in the loop, make sure you click here to see our Instagram profile (be sure to follow us!) and here to see us on Facebook (make sure you select "Follow" on here, too, so you actually see our posts -- if you don't, we won't come up in your News Feed). You can also subscribe to our email newsletter by scrolling down to the bottom of this web page and adding your email address. 

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