Coastline Summer Romper

July 19, 2016 Julie O'Neill

Coastline Summer Romper

I don't have a baby girl just yet to dress in this adorable romper but you can bet that when she's old enough she will have a closet full of them. So easy to make and perfect for playing her little heart out all summer long. 

I used this tutorial to make one in the smallest size (size 2) out of the fun coral sailboat fabric from our Coastline fabrics. The Summer Romper pattern is offered for sizes 2-11 so you could really make for your favorite gal or gals every summer. Can you tell this is what I'd be wearing all summer if I could? I think I actually did sport my fair share of summer rompers. Over 30-something years ago. . .But it does seem that the romper has recently have made a come back for all ages so go ahead and make one for your sassy adult self, too. ;)

Coastline Summer Romper

Boardwalk Delight Fabrics

I also really love this version made out of the ice cream cone print from our Boardwalk Delights fabrics from Art Gallery. Perfect summer cool.

Will you make a Summer Romper (or few)? I mean, how can you resist?!

You can find the Summer Romper tutorial here.

You can grab yardage of these fabrics or choose from our full selection in our shop. Stop in OR contact us via phone at 609.536.2940 or email at to place a mail order! Happy sewing.


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