Heather Ross' Mendocino Fabrics

March 22, 2016 Julie O'Neill

1Heather Ross' Mendocino

We're pretty excited over here because Windham Fabrics has re-issued Heather Ross' very, very popular (and very, very charming) Mendocino collection and we have select prints now available in our shop. Fat quarter bundles containing the entire collection are arriving soon.

Mendocino, if you missed it the first round years ago, is making it's grand re-appearance now for "a new generation of sewists, mermaid lovers, and sea horse cowgirls." And, we have it just in time for a beautiful Summer at the Jersey Shore.

Since these fabrics just arrived yesterday, I haven't quite gotten around to sewing with any of these gorgeous medium weight cotton fabrics. Cut me some slack! ;) Right now, I'm imagining sundresses, summer tops, beach totes, pajama pants, and picnic quilts that capture the spirit of the seashore.

What will you sew?

These fabrics are in 1/2 yard increments (1/2 yard, 1 yard, 1 1/2 yards, 2 yards, and so on) in our brick and mortar shop. We also happily ship to locations throughout the U.S. -- just call 609.536.2940 or email helloATbehomemadeDOTcom to place your mail order!


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