A Loominous Esme Top

January 17, 2016 Julie O'Neill

Esme Top in Loominous Fabric

A new year deserves a new handmade shirt! I actually hope to make a few more versions of this top, as it's pretty easy going all around. Easy to make, easy to wear. I wore it yesterday and took this mediocre photograph to show for it.

I used the Esme Top sewing pattern from Lotta Jandsotter's new book Everyday Style and one of Anna Maria's Loominous prints. This fabric is a lightweight cotton, perfect for tops because they're super comfortable to wear and offer a bit more drape than a medium-weight cotton would.

As with sewing from patterns from books, it always takes me a bit longer to trace my pattern pieces because you have to find the project you want to make amidst all the other patterns in the book. Everyday Style has some handy diagrams to help you out with this part, but in general it's not my personal strong point. That said, I did it and it all worked out. (:

I had originally planned to use this pattern but, after having a let's-get-real talk with myself about what kind of sewing time I actually have with a toddler in tow, I decided to go with the Esme Top. Esme's simple construction suggested I would be able to sew it together really quickly. And, that turned out to be an accurate assessment. I'll circle back to my first pattern choice soon enough but do believe this was a smart pattern choice for right now. And, now that one's made the second (and third?) will go even more quickly.

Anna Maria Horner's Loominous Fabric

Anna Maria Horner's Loominous Fabric

Flipping through Everyday Style also has me daydreaming about a few other projects, some of which might require more of these gorgeous Loominous prints. How cute is this top (scroll to bottom of post)?!

Would you give the Esme Top a try?

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