Colorblock Slouch Hats for Sale

December 10, 2015 Julie O'Neill

Home Made's Colorblock Slouch Hats

Meet our new Colorblock Slouch Hat. It's a super soft and cozy slouch hat, knit with chunky yarn and adorned with a coordinating pom-pom on top. 

Normally, I post about things that you can make yourself with supplies purchased in our Home Made shop. Well. . . today, I'm posting about a project that's ALREADY MADE. By me! (:

That's right. I have a stash of Colorblock Slouch Hats that I carefully knit by hand with the most beautiful yarn and I am now selling them in our online shop.

Home Made's Colorblock Slouch Hat

Colorblock Slouch Hat

Maybe you're a maker but realize that you're running out of time to make gifts? Or, maybe you're a "knitter-at-heart" and appreciate a beautiful hand knit even though you don't actually knit yourself. OR, maybe you know someone who values handmade and would be super stoked to get this stylish-yet-fun hat. 

Whoever ends up wearing our Colorblock Slouch Hat will love it. Pick your favorite of four colors and buy yours here.

This project is not currently available as a knitting pattern or kit but we'll think about it!


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