Fringed Flannel Scarf

December 08, 2015 Julie O'Neill

Fringed Flannel Scarf

Have you stitch anything with our Robert Kaufman Mammoth Flannel? I'm kind of obsessed with this fabric. The snuggliness, the colors, the plaid -- all are really really lovely. 

Our Mammoth Flannel has been the popular choice for the Popover Poncho but it's also a perfect choice for blankets and garments, too. Hello favorite pajama pants!

Most recently, I made this fringed flannel scarf and persuaded my mama to model for us. This project came together super quickly. You basically attach two rectangles together for both the top fabric and bottom fabric to give you the length. Then, you pin wrong sides together and stitch around the perimeter. The stitching line secures the two layers together and also serves as a stopping point for your fringe.

Fringed Flannel Scarf

Mimi and Ezra

The most time-consuming part of this project was picking out the threads to create the fringe. I worked on that part over the course of a week, picking out threads a little bit at a time. Though, you could opt for the quicker cut fringe if you're pressed for time.

This fringed scarf is very cozy worn as a wrap but you might consider creating a more narrow version if you'd like less bulk to wear as a scarf. Either way you make and wear it, it would make an awesome gift. Or, as I like to roll, one for me AND one for you. (:

You can find the free tutorial that I followed here.

And, you can get your Mammoth Flannel fabric in our brick and mortar shop OR just place an order by emailing helloATbehomemadeDOTcom or calling 609-536-2940.



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