And We Have Two Ambiente Socks

December 05, 2015 Julie O'Neill

Basic Socks with Schoppel Wolle Ambiente

Have you ever heard of Second Sock Syndrome? It's a very serious and somewhat devastating knitting condition where someone knits one sock and never finishes the second sock to make a complete pair. The first sock can serve as a reminder of what could have been, thus creating a sense of melancholy, self-deprecation, wistfulness, and more generally, a lack of knitting motivation. A world I don't want to live in.

When you own and operate a knitting shop, it's easy to make just one sock because that's all you really need to show off a certain yarn, showcase a project, and inspire others to try their hand at sock knitting. But, I'm aiming for a bit more here because I would actually like to be able to wear these socks once they are ready to move on from shop sample-hood. I have grand dreams of not only avoiding Second Sock Syndrome for myself but also helping others do the same. Changing the world, one knitting project at a time. (:

Basic Socks with Schoppel Wolle Ambiente

A few weeks ago, I finished one Basic Sock and very diligently and immediately cast on for the second. Since this pattern is mostly stockinette stitch (it's the yarn that creates that exciting design!), this was a project I could easily work on while I watched Ezra play outside in his sandbox. It wasn't a really time-sensitive project so I worked at a slower pace than other projects. Well, last week, I finished my second sock and am proud to announce that we now have TWO Ambiente socks! That's right. No Second Sock Syndrome here!

There are a bunch of different ways to knit socks -- two at a time, toe-up or cuff-down, with magic loop method, flat with straight needles, or double pointed needles. I really enjoy knitting with double pointed needles and so that's the method I teach in my Basic Sock Class. Our January section of the Basic Sock Class is fast approaching -- did you sign up yet?

When you're knitting socks with double pointed needles and doubt whether you'll start knitting the second right away like I did, here's a scenario worth considering: Get yourself a second pair of double pointed needles. Cast on for one sock and work the cuff. Cast on for the second sock and work the cuff. Turn the heel of the first sock, then turn the heel of the second. Make the gusset of the first, then the second. And so on. As you complete one section of the first sock, do that same step right away with the second sock. This way, you're applying the same techniques to each sock in a shorter time frame which helps with memory retention and finishing up both socks around the same time. Would you try it? Making socks is super fun so don't let the fear of SSS get to you. We can beat it!

How do you avoid Second Sock Syndrome? Go on. Make your joke that you avoid it by avoiding knitting socks altogether! ;)

You can find the scoop about our upcoming Basic Sock Class here.

You can register for the Basic Sock Class in person OR online here.

You can buy Schoppel Wolle's Ambiente yarn here.



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