Eco Duo Hat

November 10, 2015 Julie O'Neill

Eco Duo Hat

In the midst of my sweater knitting, I love a quick and gratifying knitting project like a simple hat. A hat usually uses just one skein of yarn and can typically be finished over a few days time. Little sprints sprinkled along the marathon that is sweater knitting. Look at me, sounding like a runner even though it is definitely NOT my preferred form of exercise. Let's keep it real. I'm a "fitness walk" and yoga kinda gal. . .

For this hat, I used one skein of Cascade Eco Duo in the color Zebra, though this hat would look great in Cascade Color Duo as well. And, I'm sharing this free hat pattern with purchase of the yarn! It looks like I added stripes to my Eco Duo Hat but it's actually the yarn doing all the hard work.

Don't let the names confuse you. Cascade Eco Duo and Cascade Color Duo are the same yarn; the difference lies in the fact that Eco Duo is undyed wool while Color Duo uses dyed wool. Same gorgeous yarn. Same incredibly soft hand and wear.

Eco Duo Hat

Eco Duo Hat

As you can see, this hat is perfect for chilly Fall days, especially when you're posing for profile photos or petting a dog. By law, I think I'm now required to note that, per his request, husband is to receive official blog credit for the last two photographs.

If a hat isn't your thing, this yarn would sure be pretty in this scarf, this headband, or this infinity scarf. Which will you make?

Purchase your Cascade Eco Duo here and Cascade Color Duo here!



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