Wedding Shower Blanket

December 13, 2015 Julie O'Neill

This hand knit blanket was gifted to Brian and me for our wedding shower a few months ago. My friend Tammy--who so cleverly made up stories about why she came into the shop for our Cascade Eco Cloud yarn, keeping it's real purpose a surprise--used The Purl Bee's Half Log Cabin Ombre Blanket pattern to create this show-stopping shower gift.

It was such a surprise to receive this blanket. It's beautiful and snuggly and very, very special to us. We love it AND you, Tammy!

If you take a look at the pattern, you'll find that it's comprised of a bunch of garter-stitch knitting with some picking up of stitches to add the new color -- a testament to the fact that sometimes all you need is a simple pattern paired with really soft, cuddly yarn to make a treasured gift. Sure, knowing fancy stitches can make us feel like more confident, accomplished knitters; but, even if you know fancy stitches, they aren't always what's required to make a stunning finished project. Simple stitches are just as beautiful.

You can buy Cascade Cloud and Cascade Eco Cloud yarn here.

You can also peek at another project I'm working on here. Will post about that soon!


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