Being Human

August 06, 2015 Julie Petrella

Last week, I decided to change the shop's hours from being open 6 days per week to four. That means that now through Labor Day, we're open Sunday 11AM-4PM and Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday 10AM-5PM.

Whenever I make a business decision like this, I worry that I'm going to miss or inconvenience a customer. But, along with all of the anxiety and responsibility of being a sole owner and operator comes the power and ability to change what's not working. To get un-stuck. And the hours just weren't working. For my business, for my family, for me.

Business this Summer has been much quieter than usual and I know that's been the case for several other retail businesses in Cape May County. While I know Home Made is not alone, it's still a bummer all around. There hasn't been enough business to warrant being open 6 days per week. It's not worth the sacrifices required to pull that kind of schedule off. 

Seth Godin, one who I look to for little nuggets of wisdom to keep me inspired and motivated, recently shared some advice for a small company in a big-company's world:

Choose your customers, trust them, treat them well.

Say yes.

Bend the rules.

Show up on time.

Keep your promises.

Don't exert power merely because you can.

Be human, be kind, pay attention, smile.

I try my best to operate Home Made this way and feel this is a refreshingly simple, honest, and way more personal and fulfilling way to do business. Right now, I'm focusing a little more on that last one. (: 

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  • Julie Petrella

    Aug 26, 2015

    Thank you, ladies! I really appreciate reading such kind words and your business.

  • Janet Levinson

    Aug 20, 2015

    Julie, you are a thoughtful, thorough and competent businesswoman. You have met and exceeded my expectations time after time. Keep up the good work.

  • Kate Kahana

    Aug 06, 2015

    and you do such a good job of it! Trying to balance life, a business and a baby is not an easy thing to do. Take time for yourself and enjoy because life goes by so quickly. Your customers will understand and continue to be loyal.

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