Fishnet Bandana Cowl Knit Kits

June 30, 2015 Julie Petrella

Sometimes you come across a yarn that you can't get out of your mind. For me, the most recent can't-get-outta-your-head yarn was Knit Collage's Wildflower Drifter. Admittedly, I'm regularly afflicted by lots of can't-get-outta-your-head yarn. Knit Collage's new Wildflower Drifter is made of lightweight cotton voile fabric that's block printed by hand in India. Then, it's embellished with bright pom poms and tassels that make it even more special and fun. Those pom poms! Those tassels!

But, what to knit? Well, Knit Collage's Fishnet Bandana Cowl is an obvious and pretty-much perfect choice. This yarn paired with big needles create a fishnet type fabric that's lightweight and stylish with a touch of whimsy. After making the shop sample (and getting many compliments while wearing it), I decided to go ahead and put together Fishnet Bandana Knit Kits so you can easily make your own! And, also receive many compliments while wearing it.

Our Fishnet Bandana Cowl Knit Kits feature Knit Collage's new Wildflower Drifter yarn and their Fishnet Bandana Cowl knitting pattern. Each kit contains 2 skeins of Wildflower Drifter Yarn (approx. 35 yards per skein) in your chosen color -- Navy or Ivory-- and the Fishnet Bandana Cowl knitting pattern. This project is a quick one that's perfect for even for beginner knitters.

You can stop into our brick and mortar shop to purchase your kit. OR, you can now purchase your kit in our online shop right here!



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