Blue Sky Alpacas Knit Kits : Royal Petite Babies Series

June 23, 2015 Julie Petrella

{Royal Petite Babies Series Knit Kits : kits and photographs from Blue Sky Alpacas}

The most adorable things to come into our shop lately are these new knit kits from Blue Sky Alpacas featuring their Royal Alpaca yarns along with the pattern and all the other supplies you'll need to knit your very own animal baby. Complete with a very regal crown!

{Emilie the Elephant}

{Hector the Hippopotamus}

{Lisette the Lion}

{Marcel the Monkey}

These beautifully packaged kits come with handy tips along with complete instructions for knitting these little guys flat with seams or in-the-round. Just knit whatever version works for you! Make one for the reigning baby in your family or gift one to an expecting mama at an upcoming baby shower! 

And, because royal bums can be sensitive and require a regal place to sit, Blue Sky Alpacas has a free pattern for The Royal Pillow which you can find here.

Stop by our brick and mortar shop to select your chosen Royal Petite Baby Kit or hop over to our online shop and place your order now!


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