The Roots of it All

October 25, 2010 Julie

Two-thousand ten is not even finished yet and I would say this may be one of the most eventful years of my life. I started the year out by quitting my social work job in Philadelphia and moving back to southern NJ where I grew up.  I became an aunt and a cousin twice over, lost two grandmothers, and discovered severe seasonal allergies.  I also am almost ready to launch my dream business that allows me to share my passion for the handmade and making crafts!  We finally secured the property for me to both live and work last week.

While I’m still figuring out the incredible history of this 19th century home, there’s no doubt it is a perfect fit for Home Made and me.  The property has a ton of character in addition to a spacious backyard and an old horse barn.  I am overwhelmed with excitement for the future and gratitude for the support I’ve had, particularly from my parents (shout out for Joe and Cindy!).  They helped me realize that I would forever regret–and potentially be miserable working for anyone but myself–if I didn’t take the risk to follow my dream.

Small business ownership and a return to South Jersey where my family has been rooted for many years may have been inevitable.  I can see the land just behind my parents’ house where my paternal grandfather’s “Carl’s Texaco Station” used to be situated.  Since my great-grandmother was constantly crocheting or sewing, he even gave out sewing thimbles saying “Just a Thimble Full or a Full Tank” which I now have featured in my website banner.  Then, my paternal grandmother opened the restaurant “The Girls’ Wayside Kitchen,” also in Seaville, where friends could hang out.  Her business later became Dino’s Diner down the street.

“Bob & Jean’s Family Market” in Greenfield was owned and operated by my maternal grandparents, whose roast beef sandwiches still induce mouth-watering for locals just thinking about one.

And, my own parents have “Petrella Tools,” a franchise of Snap-On Tools.  While my Dad sells equipment mostly geared towards mechanics, having access to lots of tools can only help us with these home repairs and upkeep. (:

Just as it took a little while for me to get to this point of my plan, it will take some time to set up and open Home Made.  I hope that if you’re not helping rip up flooring or sand stairs in person, you’ll pick up your figurative paint brush by following our progress on this blog or our Facebook page.   Now, put on some work gloves and let’s get to work!


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