Hardwood Floors, Oh My!

October 28, 2010 Julie

I will love these hardwood floors.  They will be beautiful.  They will be worth all this hard work and back pain!

These three sentences make up my mantra for the next week, as this is the time frame I am hoping it will take to complete this first major project for the Home Made house.  I am icing as I type this.  My pal Lauren had given me a cool gel ice pack for a sprained ankle a while ago so the days of using a bag of frozen peas are no more! (I know, like an ice pack would’ve been a real splurge purchase. . .)

So far, we’ve gotten a lot accomplished considering today marks one full week of home ownership.  The major project thus far has been ripping out the various layers of flooring in the upstairs living quarters.  After removing carpet, padding, and linoleum, we have one final layer of linoleum to go.

Thankfully, it looks like the original hardwood floors are salvageable.   While sanding and refinishing is a lot of hard work, especially when there’s lots of crusty adhesive and brittle linoleum stuck to it, it’ll be worth the end result (including money saved). And, I’ll be one step closer to move-in!


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