Labor of Love

November 08, 2010 Julie

I’m tired all the time.  My mind is constantly racing with thoughts of things to do.  I can’t seem to remember anything, including where I last put my mom’s camera (BIG whoops!).  And, my living space looks like a tornado rolled through.  Is this similar to what becoming a new mommy feels like – except my baby is a house???

I suppose some other “new mommy” symptoms could include loving my baby’s messy rooms, mystery light switches, and crackly old walls (the tar-covered wood floors that we’ve been scraping for two weeks do NOT make this list).

I find myself just wanting to stand in each room and look around, relishing in every little detail and imagining the excitement the future holds.  But, there’s hasn’t been too much lingering if you consider what we’ve accomplished after only 2 ½ weeks of work.

Home Made’s home makeover is definitely a labor of love.   Without the dedication and handiness of my parents and the help of friends and family (shout out for Matt, Phil, Uncle Rob, Kati, Aunt Robin, Carol, Angel, & my new bestie, the Dremel Multi-Max), we would never would have accomplished all of this:

preparing all upstairs wood floors for sanding/refinishing;

removing plaster walls in my bedroom, insulating, and putting up new drywall (including re-routing some electrical wires);

spackling and sanding so the walls are paint-ready;

taking down some old trees so they could be reincarnated as mulch;

preparing for new front entrance steps;

and removing some lattice fencing to further open up the property.

Phew, no wonder we’re all so tired!

For those of you travelling on Route 9, check out our progress as you drive by and keep an eye out for the debut of a beautiful new door and front entrance steps this week!


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