Crafting it Out with Piggy

November 11, 2010 Julie

The many months spent searching and waiting for the perfect property for Home Made felt like FOR-EV-ER.  This search induced such stress and anxiety that I had no choice but to get out some yarn and my knitting needles.  I needed to “craft it out.”  I would get in the zone and become so focused on my project that I wouldn’t worry about whether or not Home Made would happen.  I was making something, had control over the process, and ended up with a very tangible – and super cute – result.

Now, like nearly everyone else on this Earth, I am a sucker for cute baby stuff.  Aside from holiday crafting or satisfying my obsession with kerchief scarves, baby crafts make me happy.  They’re just so stinkin’ adorable I can’t help myself!  Plus, it’s pratically mandatory to indulge in baby crafts when you have quite a few baby showers on the horizon.

Susan B. Anderson and her book Itty Bitty Toys:  How to Knit Animals, Dolls, and Other Playthings for Kids turned me into a compulsive stuffed animal maker.  I never would have guessed that I would fixate on knitting stuffed toys but somehow it happened.  I was working my way through this book and couldn’t stop.  Anderson’s patterns, paired with Blue Sky Alpacas organic cotton yarns, are so enjoyable that you want to make a toy for every child you know. Maybe every child in the world.

One special gift I made was “Piggy.”

Photography by Becky Stegun Gatto

I paired Piggy with two of my favorite children’s books, Toot & Puddle and Olivia Helps with Christmas, to complete a gift to my cousin and his wife before their baby Brandon was born.  As you can see, Brandon and Piggy have since hit it off.  I would even go so far as to say they are BFF’s.

While Brandon has yet to find the words to express his love and appreciation for this handmade buddy, I know his parents are grateful for the time and thought put into this gift.  As for me, I relished in my accomplishment only for a brief while before I was overcome with the need to find more yarn, turn the page, and cast on for “Giraffe.”

The holidays are quickly approaching so it’s never too soon to begin your handmade gift-making.  Baby crafts that are also holiday crafts = bliss!  Can’t you imagine Piggy with a little knit scarf and a pair of mittens?


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