Handmade Solutions: Bathroom Mirror

December 02, 2010 Julie

This week’s craft inspiration comes to you courtesy of the big square patch of missing tile in my upstairs bathroom.  Formerly, a medicine cabinet/mirror used to reside there but we had to take it out to fix the wall.  Turns out, the cabinet was to blame for the plaster on the adjacent wall crackling all over like a plaster-y spider web.  Thus, no more medicine cabinet.

The mirror I bought to cover the patch was just a smidge too small.  So, I had a brainstorm to use one of the old windows I found on the Home Made property to create a bathroom mirror.  Luckily, it was just the right size. Dad used some scrap wood from his backyard fence to create a small shelf on the bottom.

I really love the old, worn look of the wood so I just cleaned it up with some lemon oil and then put a light dusting of satin spray urethane on to seal it.  Within a few hours, our local windows & mirrors guy had the mirror pieces cut and secured to the window.  Voila!  Who would know there’s missing tile behind this beautiful mirror (aside from you, now that you’ve read this)?!

The rustic wood, paired with an outdoor barn light, look great in a bright white bathroom (thankfully, everything else doesn’t require custom work as far as I know. . .).  What a great sense of satisfaction to not only find that a handmade solution works better but that it’s cheaper, too!


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