27 Doors

December 09, 2010 Julie

That’s the latest tally of interior doors in the Home Made house – twenty-seven!  But, I guess it also could make a sweet title to the sequel of 27 Dresses, no?  Move over Katherine Heigl, I’ll be the new star of this mediocre romantic comedy franchise (or, I will defer my role to Lea Michele)!

Back to reality.  All the doorways allow you to walk around the entire house from room to room in a big square.  Now, I admit that I’m a little tired of painting trim and doors (it never ends!), but I really love these doors.  Many of them even have the wavy glass panels that were typical of doors produced up until the early 1900s.

Each door in this house has it’s own personality and with that, it’s own size and stature.  As we rearrange the doors to create some privacy for my living quarters, we are finding that we can’t be too choosy where they will go.  If a glass paneled door only wants to fit the bathroom doorway, it’s now the door to the bathroom.  I just need to put up some blinds.

Another glass paneled door only wanted to fit the entryway to my bedroom.  So, I brought out some chalkboard paint and gave it a try, thinking it could be an inexpensive way to cover up the glass and provide some fun and function.

After painting the door itself, I primed the glass window panes with a gray paint before neatly painting with chalkboard paint.  If you’re feeling daring and have a steady hand and good brush, go ahead and freehand it.  Otherwise, break out your trusty painter’s tape. No judgment.

According to the instructions, I have to wait until Sunday before writing on it since the paint must cure for 3 days before using.

I’m so happy with the final result, though my decision to use chalkboard paint on a door did require overcoming some fear about how it would turn out.  But then I realized the beauty of painting on glass — if you hate it, scrape it off.  No worries.

Now that I have some privacy inside, my next task is to focus on finding blinds for the windows. That should definitely help me feel more prepared for those early morning surprise visits from roofers. There are 28 of those so stay tuned for the very riveting follow-up. . .


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