Santa, Is That You?

December 13, 2010 Julie

New homes and the holiday season can foster some important realizations and discoveries.   Here are just a few that filled up my weekend:


First, and probably most important — Mom’s camera was in a box of light switches amidst our tools all along!  To recap for you, I was using Mom’s camera because it’s fancier and takes much better photos than mine.  About 5 weeks ago I misplaced it, searched everywhere to no avail, was devastated, and bought her a new one.  What a relief (and nice surprise for my bank account now that the new one can be returned)!


I have a holly tree!  While my wreaths, candles in the window, and dumpster in the backyard are quite festive (well, maybe not the dumpster),

I can now add some natural holiday décor to the house and that makes me happy.


Battery-lit candles for your windows don’t work very well.  You may have already learned this bit of wisdom, but this is my first experience with decorating with the ‘faux candles in the window’.  I’m so grateful for the house holiday karma I have received with finding the stash of said candles in the attic, but I still needed to hit up one of my regular haunts for some plug-in replacements.


I must be related to Santa considering this is the most recent footage of my nephew.

Photo by his talented mother, Erica Petrella

The outfit, the reindeer, the jolly-ness.  I’ve watched enough Who Do You Think You Are and 48 Hours Mystery shows to see that all signs point to Santa bloodlines somewhere in my family. . . And, mom’s camera turning up less than two weeks before Christmas — coincidence? I don’t think so.


The Home Made house is really coming together. Fast.  I am one lucky girl to have all this help and support.  I’m excited to show off some more photos of our progress so be sure to check the blog a little later this week or you can visit our Facebook page for a more extensive photo album.

Have a great start to your week and don’t forget to stop by the Home Made table at Cabana’s on Thursday from 6-9pm for some crafting fun!

Okay, one more gratuitous baby shot.  It’s Monday and who couldn’t use another cute picture of Santa Baby to start our week . . .

Photography skills by Erica Petrella


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