What Christmas Means to Me

December 22, 2010 Julie

If you happen to be feeling stressed or overwhelmed with Christmas-mania, or are just in a lil’ bit of a Grinch-y mood, I’d like to share with you What Christmas Means to Me. Well, maybe what Christmas means to Stevie Wonder and me.  Check it out. It’ll make you smile and maybe do a little dancin’ in your office desk chair.

Three days until Christmas means for me that. . . I will see my nephew Finn soon!  His first Christmas.  Even though he can’t yet be bothered with opening gifts and such, I was excited to make him his first Christmas Stocking. He’ll have it for years to come (and will probably like it a lot more when he’s a little older than 8 months and understands how the whole presents-in-a-sock-thing works).

This stocking is made from felted sweaters and is a great way to use up some yarn and felt scraps you have in your craft stash.  I used my Microsoft Word to print out Finn’s name in a font I liked and then used it to cut out his name from felt.  Then, I carefully machine stitched it on along with some holly leaves.

I used the zig-zag stitch along the sides/bottom to adhere the front and back of the stocking together and then went back with some scrap yarn to do some more detailing along the edges.  And, if you have enough of said scrap yarn left, make a pom-pom for the toe! Super cute stocking for super cute Finn.

Three days until Christmas also means for me that I need to begin wrapping some presents.  Since I’m using some wrapping paper left over from last year (yes, these little gnomes will make a second appearance), I wanted to do something more to spruce up the presentation.  But, I didn’t want to do too much more. . . I’m a busy girl!

So. . .

I cut a triangle out of felt and machine stitched it onto a manila shipping tag.  Voila!  A handmade Christmas tree gift tag in less than 2 minutes – I love it.

Three days until Christmas means I’ll soon be surrounded by even more loved ones than I usually get on a regular basis, loads of delicious food, and more Stevie Wonder (and my favorite Barbara Streisand’s Jingle Bells) holiday tunes, and twinkle lights.

It also means that hopefully both you and I will probably spend a little less time on the computer over the holidays. Before we both sign off, I want to wish you and yours and a very happy, healthy, peaceful, and twinkle-light-filled Christmas!

See you next week.


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