Sprucing Up for 2011

December 31, 2010 Julie

Around the holidays, in particular, I like to sort through old photos and usually swipe a few from my mom’s albums to “borrow.”  It’s especially fun to look through my childhood photos when my brother and cousins are around since the four of us spent nearly every moment together growing up (that is, until we approached that awkward age in middle school and it was no longer so cool to have your male cousin as your best buddy).  It’s also fun to imagine the three new babies in our family growing up together and sharing memories just like we did.

One of the photos I swiped recently reminded me of my early work in furniture refinishing and seemed quite appropriate considering my plans for opening Home Made in the New Year.

This picnic table may not be worthy of a Design Sponge Before and After montage, but I’d say it’s certainly some fine work for a four year old.  Now, my brother’s ambitions for furniture refinishing didn’t quite stick and the positioning of the photographer doesn’t show how much (or little) he was painting over there on the other side of that table.  I suspect he knew all along that it wasn’t his future and was just into posing for the photo. In fact, I have a very vague memory of him ditching me after this shot to go play with his Lego pirate ship (which makes sense, as he is now an engineer).

Twenty-six years later, I foresee more painting for me in 2011 and will probably even ring in the New Year with paint in my hair (just when I think I’ve washed it all out, more appears!). My path to this new business venture hasn’t been the most direct but it certainly feels right.  I plan to open Home Made by February and couldn’t be more excited or feel more in touch with the four year old me.

Some beautiful fabrics and yarns are on their way to the Home Made shop and the Home Made home improvements are nearly finished.  Now that Home Made is looking so good, I’ll have to remember to spruce up myself, too ( a trip to see a professional at the hair salon is in order)!

So, on the eve of 2011, I wish you a Happy New Year! Here’s to sprucing up our lives — celebrating what we have, believing in our dreams, embracing new beginnings, and remembering to schedule that hair appointment. Cheers!


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