Opening January 29th!

January 05, 2011 Julie

It’s official!

Home Made will be open for business starting Saturday, January 29th!!!

Cross your fingers that the snow fairies keep their distance that weekend. And, maybe get your snow boots out anyway so any inclement weather doesn’t keep you away–just in case!

Starting that Saturday, Home Made will be open from 11am – 7pm Tuesday through Sunday. I’ll be posting some more information and photos on the website to give you the latest scoop as the 29th approaches.  But, since you’re already here I might as well give you a little sneak peek of the shop (you can see more photos here):

Stripes on the ceiling!!!  And, if you’ve read any of my other posts, it should be no surprise that my love affair with chalkboard paint continues (shhh, don’t tell Matt!). While they’re not necessarily my target customer, last night’s babysitting proved that this wall is a huge hit with 3 year olds. So,what’s not to like for grown ups, too?

The Home Made work crew is still busy plugging away at all those home improvements to get this place in tip top shape for our opening.  We’re almost there!  Dear Mom, Dad, Phil, Uncle Rob, and Ed – thank you for all you do including having the stamina to stick it out this long and letting me repay you (for now!) in homemade cookies and dinner.

Now, I better go get a batch of these in the oven (as, they were quite popular with the roofers a few weeks ago)!


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