Dad & Me, Building & Talking to Ourselves

January 11, 2011 Julie

Ever since I moved back to south Jersey last year I’ve been spending a LOT more time with my parents.  Much of this time together has been spent working on various projects — the Home Made house, in particular.  It shouldn’t be surprising to me, but all this time together has allowed me to see from whom I’ve received or learned certain traits.

Our latest project has involved creating storage furniture for Home Made’s shop.  I wanted to create storage pieces that incorporated some doors found in the house that were no longer needed as, well, doors.  So, I sketched out my ideas to start the building process for my dad.

This is my dad’s process:  He studies my sketches or whatever picture I’ve given him and later laments over the measurements and other structural elements before and during his sleep (often highlighting the need for a new woodworking tool, of course). Then, he’ll wake up and immediately want to get started if it’s an easy project. If it’s a more involved project, he may need a few more nights like this before he’s ready to get to work.  My family knows this process well and anticipates it, as one of us is usually called to in to be his assistant.

I respect my dad’s process because it yields beautiful results. Yarn storage – finished!

I’ve also noticed (or finally come to grips with the fact) that I sometimes work the same way. Scary! To add to it all, I was chuckling to myself as I listened to my father talk to himself as he worked when I realized that I sometimes talk through projects out loud as I’m working on them just like he does (that is, when I’m not chewing fruit flavored gum incessantly). Sadly, I had to bite my tongue, as I was ready to tease him for it! There goes that fun. . .

I love the look of the already distressed doors with their old hardware and how we could re-purpose them as side pieces.  Mom and I are going to put on the finishing touches and then I can move all that gorgeous Blue Sky Alpaca and Spud & Chloe yarn out of their respective boxes and select a new knitting project. Well done, Dad (and helpers, Mom & Matt)! Ready for the next project, a fabric bolt storage unit?

Aside from the scary similarities I have with my parents, all this time together has helped me more deeply understand the talent they possess. And, that this gift of creative talent has been passed onto me and I’m lucky for it (even if it comes along with funny, quirky, sometimes annoying traits).

Side note:  We’re expecting more snow! The frenzy to get Home Made in tip top shape by the end of the month has begun. But, that doesn’t mean I can’t take a break to have some fun in the snow, right?

Drive safe and slow down when you drive by the Home Made house so you can 1) see how pretty it looks in the snow and 2) drive slower on Route 9 in general – Home Made is so close to the road I can hear you, you speed racers!


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