Get Out the Giant Scissors!

January 19, 2011 Julie

In just over one week, Home Made will be opening for business. To celebrate our opening, I’ve invited some local officials to join in the festivities with a brief ribbon-cutting ceremony! I still need to confirm this details, but word is there will be giant scissors involved!

Image by Ivy Dawned on Flickr

What is it about all things “giant” that’s so fascinating? Nevertheless, I’m excited!  And, I don’t want to leave you out–who am I to deprive you of seeing giant scissors?!?

So, at 11am on Saturday, January 29th, Home Made will kick off our opening with a ribbon-cutting ceremony. As I’ve never been part of a ribbon-cutting ceremony before, I need to do a little research. I do, however, think it involves standing outside for a little bit so dress warm.  Then, we’ll open for business and let you have at all the crafty goodness I have in the shop!

Alas, I’m taking a break from painting (home stretch, Mom!) and am off to finally get my hair done! :)


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