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January 24, 2011 Julie

In preparation for starting a business, I’ve read books and blogs, listened to solicited (and unsolicited advice), and sometimes just followed my gut. Of course, there are tons of decisions to make and one of them that I deliberated over for quite a while (mostly due to a very minimal budget) was whether or not to hire a graphic designer.

I have skills and talents in many things but graphic design is not one of them. Matt and I tried designing Home Made’s logo ourselves and quickly realized we were in over our heads – particularly considering your logo is the foundation of a business’ brand and it should be designed to last. Thankfully, once I made the big decision to hire a designer, my friend Stephanie made selecting which graphic designer the easy part.

About four years ago, Stephanie and I had dreamed of opening a business together–I guess this was my first phase of business planning. At the time, we imagined opening a business in Philadelphia and spent the entire summer researching and brainstorming together. Then, we decided that neither one of us was ready to take the plunge and I went back to giving social work (my chosen career path) another try.  Stephanie ended up with a marketing strategy gig at BAJ Design, which turned out to be quite serendipitous.  While we were no longer starting a business together, she could still be part of the process and instrumental in making sure Home Made started off right.

Working with Stephanie Singer and BAJ Design’s principal designer, Brian Jacobson, has been a wonderful experience and I wanted to give them both an official shout out. To complement their immense talent, they are patient, professional and really listen to their clients. And, with my print orders complete, I am finally seeing all of their contributions come together!

Upon seeing and touching these business cards and flyers, I couldn’t help but  jump up and down with excitement (it must’ve been the ink used). I had to remind myself that I did not have them printed to hoard them.

Hand modeling by yours truly.

I am so happy with the flyer (and could have used a little moisturizer on those hands before modeling!). BAJ captured the simplicity of design that I wanted for my marketing materials and carried that over to my business card as well.

They’re square, too!

Home Made’s sign even went up this weekend. Yes, we seem to have a knack for selecting the coldest possible days (ie, roofing, installing the front entrance railing) to do outside jobs.  Once the sign was hung, I hung around just long enough for Mom to snap a photo before scooting inside.

Brian and I decided to keep the sign design clean and utilize the structure that already existed on the property. When it warms up, I’ll paint the sign posts gray to make the sign stand out even more. Looking good!

Thank you so much, Brian and Stephanie!

If you would like to contact BAJ Design, you can check out their website at or email Stephanie at stephanie.singer(at)bajdesign(dot)com.


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