Procrastinate + Delegate

January 27, 2011 Julie

Two days! TWO DAYS!?!

Yep. Home Made opens real soon. And, now that it’s crunch time (and there is no more time to procrastinate), today is the day I learn how to use my credit card terminal and cash register. While these machines are an essential part of my business, I will probably never geek out over these new electronics like I would about making this or a pair of these.

I smartly delegated programming and learning about these machines to Matt – a good manager delegates!  Matt is way more tech savvy than I am; he was so qualified that he didn’t even have to apply for the job!  Lucky guy. So, today he teaches me how to use them. And, I will do my best to stay focused and not daydream about hot gluing buttons or gemstones to the exterior of either. . .

Image by Claudia Crane on Flickr


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