A Day “On”

January 31, 2011 Julie

Ahh, a day off! And, by day off, I mean a day to catch up on business and personal stuff that I’ve neglected the past few days/weeks. The past three months have been quite a whirlwind, particularly this past weekend. A good kind of whirlwind (is there a bad kind?) – the kind where you can’t stop smiling because you’ve waited so long for something to happen.

As you may have heard (or gathered from here), Home Made is now open! Saturday was our ribbon-cutting ceremony with Middle Township Mayor De Lanzo and Assemblyman Milam. You may have noticed in person or in the photo that I slacked on finding giant scissors for the big day. It’s true. Forgive me — I hope I did not disappoint because I deprived you of seeing something giant. But, if it means anything, the regular-sized scissors I used were very high quality and cut the tulle ribbon beautifully – perhaps better than giant scissors ever could.

And, the shop looks better than I imagined it would!

Custom furniture by Dad helped everything come together and fit perfectly in the shop.

One of my favorite parts of the weekend was seeing all my family and friends come out to support me and celebrate. Thank you to everyone who came out, especially those who traveled despite all this snow! I’ve already begun meeting some of you who follow this blog so I hope you keep stopping in to introduce yourselves.

Having the shop open means that I now get to meet all of you talented, crafty people in the area. Finally! I can hear and hopefully see what you’ve made or learn about what you would like to make. Some of you even gave some great ideas about potential class offerings.

On this “day off”, I will taking some photos of the shop for the website and finalizing the first installment of class offerings. If you’d like to be alerted to these updates, feel free to submit a message here or send an email to julie (at) behomemade (dot) com. Of course, they will be posted on the website and in the shop as well.

(I also get to pick up the third book from the Dragon Tattoo series from the library today – this was another thing I’ve waited for a long time! I better wait to start until I’ve completed the tasks outlined above. . .)


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