Deconstructed Foyer Table

February 03, 2011 Julie

About two months ago, I posted about my plans for this lovely foyer table that I had picked up at a garage sale.

A little sad looking but it possessed loads of potential. . .that seems to be how I always get sucked into rescuing certain pieces.

I was going to paint it bright white, maybe put some buttons on the top, and attach casters to the legs. I would position it in the center of the shop to display pretty things.

Well, things don’t always go as planned, right? I’m learning that when things veer from “the plan,” they can often turn out better than anticipated. This has been happening a lot lately, including with this foyer table.

As it was originally constructed, the table was just too big to position in the center of the room. Dad had a great idea to cut it in half and mount each piece to the wall on either side of a doorway. Brilliant! He even used the legs as brackets to support the half-table. Mom is “the finisher” for many projects so she stepped in to apply a dark stain to clean up its look but still retain its weathered character. And, now I have two display tables instead of one!

(Finn loaned me the giraffe for display with a request to repair a pom-pom with which he got a little carried away. Speaking of pom-poms, please take note of the yellow tissue paper pom-poms — so easy! The kit was part of my big win at the Martha Stewart Living table while I attended Maker Faire NYC this past fall and you can click the link to find the online tutorial).

Since I opened the shop, I’ve gotten so many compliments on these tables. It’s really inspired me to think outside the box with other furniture pieces. I’m not saying that I’m ready to cut my kitchen table in half or that I’m encouraging you to go home and cut your kitchen table in half, either. But, consider it. Especially with those yard sale finds. Your experiment will cost you under $10 –you can’t go wrong!


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