I Will Build Him a Cake or Something

February 08, 2011 Julie

Photo credit to crd! on Flickr

Last week, I found this heart cake that inspired me to lose my mind and proclaim, “Matt, I’m going to bake you this cake for Valentine’s Day!” Now, we’re less than a week away and I’m like, “I’m going to bake him this cake for Valentine’s Day????”

Not only does it look like a LOT of cake for two people (you actually need to bake two cakes to create one cake – The Sweet Story of Cake Love!), it requires a couple of intricate steps where you “sculpt” the cake. Oh boy.

Could I be in over my head? And, if this cake is taking me down, who’s going down with me?!

Aside from my far-reaching baking aspirations, I figured I should have another (non-cake-related) homemade gift ready for my sweetheart. Of course, I can’t write about it on here and ruin the surprise!

But, I thought I could share a few places I visit for inspiration in case you’re stumped about what to make for your sweetheart. There are a ton of Valentine’s Day crafts that have been featured online. If these sites don’t help you figure it out, maybe you’ll consider making this really awesome heart cake!!!

The Crafts Dept. at Martha Stewart Living
Craft: whose craftzine has a lot of great project ideas, not just Valentine’s Day
One Pretty Thing that features DIY craft tutorials from across the web
DesignSponge that is more of a lifestyle/design blog (hence, the name), but it features really interesting DIY projects and inspiration

I know this isn’t an exhaustive list and I’m always looking for new places and people to get ideas. What other blogs or websites do you go to for ideas and inspiration?

By the way, when did South Jersey turn into Chicago? I’ve already had to chase down my trash cans across Route 9 once today and this wind doesn’t seem to be letting up!
Update: Since posting this nearly two minutes ago, I have had to chase down my trash can AGAIN. Dad, I think I need one of those trash can cubbies to help reign ’em in!


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