Cake? What Cake?

February 15, 2011 Julie

I have a confession.

I didn’t make the heart cake. You know, THE heart cake. . .

Sometimes I like to believe I live in a fantasy world where there are a gazillion minutes in a day and I can accomplish everything and anything I want to do on my sole day off.

Go to the chiropractor. Take down Pops’ Christmas decorations. Buy groceries (and more red food coloring – is anyone else appalled at the amount required for red velvet cake???). Wash and fold laundry. Chase down my trash cans again across Route 9. Clean my entire house. Organize my kitchen cabinets and pantry. Buy more of my new favorite 3M hooks and maybe, because I’m nearby, just pop into what is probably the best TJ Maxx in the tri-state area. Finish making Matt’s Valentine’s Day present. Paint second coat of paint on sign posts?! Oh, and bake aforementioned heart cake.

If you had asked my mother after I had posted about my plans to bake that cake, she would’ve told you it wasn’t going to happen. Not because she doubted my intentions but because she knew I was being perhaps a teensy bit unrealistic. (I did, however, accomplish most on my list including organizing my kitchen cabinets–which was long overdue–and finishing Matt’s present).

I must say that baking that cake turned out to be more about my blogging and having fun being egged on by all of you than doing something for my sweetheart (Though, I know Angie conquered the cake, who else?).

So, let the record show that Matt had absolutely no hard feelings. And, as we almost licked our dessert plate where Tisha’s heavenly bread pudding, vanilla ice cream, and caramel sauce once sat, it was like we had never heard of the famed heart cake.

Update: Angie was kind enough to share some photos of her cake. What a fabulous job! I’m quite impressed with both your baking skills AND time management. Well done, Angie!


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