When One Door Closes

February 23, 2011 Julie

A while ago, I talked about the many many old doors in the Home Made house. I might’ve even professed my love for them because they have so much character and I find it kind of amusing how all the bathroom doors require blinds (perhaps, I’m more amused because I’m not the one installing all the blinds).

We’ve rearranged doors, made them into shop furniture, and now, turned one into a corkboard.

This latest project is bittersweet. While I now have a delightful place to post Home Made’s class schedule and put all those recycled wine corks to good use, I’ve tapped out on my in-house supply of old doors. If I’m going to be dreaming up any more door projects, I now have to get Dad on board to build and find more doors.

Thankfully, spring is right around the corner. The snow outside doesn’t suggest it, but I believe Phil when he says its going to be an early spring. Yes, I want this snow to go away! Warmer weather means outside craftin’ (including a plan to give Home Made’s exterior a makeover) and yard sales! I may not find too many doors as castoffs (please call me if you’re trying to unload any), but I might just find some other treasures to repurpose. We’ll just have to see how spring plays out. The excitement of the unknown. . . (:

In the meantime, I’m working on getting some details from Mom and Dad for a memo board class so you can make your own. We have some old windows we’re framing out for you and I have bins in the shop to collect your wine corks. Dear all you wine-drinkers, don’t throw them out! Home Made is collecting corks amongst other items to repurpose into something crafty.

Now, I’m going to go listen to some tunes and see what other projects I can wrap up. Then, I can feel more justified in starting a few more. . .


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