NYC Field Trip

February 25, 2011 Julie

I did it.

I bought special concealer for my under-eye area, and with a few days of use under my belt, I think it’s working pretty well at hiding those bags that just don’t want to unpack and move somewhere else. Perhaps a sign that I’m approaching thirty(!!!) but this purchase also shows how these darn seasonal allergies have been affecting me, as they have become more like year-round allergies.

Another sign that my birthday is approaching (still two months away, yet) is that I got to pick out a few birthday presents from here during a trip to NYC earlier this week (cue choir of angels singing “Happy Birthday, Julie”). I like this “sign” a heck of a lot better!

Carol + I getting ready to head to PATH train into NYC. As you can see, we're very excited it's slushy and snowy for our day of walking.

What, you ask, do bags under my eyes or my impending birthday have to do with crafting? Well, not much actually. They do, however, relate to my trip to NYC and that’s what I really want to tell you about (I was just excited about my refreshed-looking face and birthday treats).

It had been way too long since I had been to NYC and I now have the excuse to scope out some stuff for the Home Made shop so hopefully I can justify these jaunts a little more often. Birthday treats aside, this trip was strictly business. And, by “business” I mean it was filled with one long stop at a ribbon shop and lots of other stops for sustenance. Lunch at Chelsea Market, a snack from Fat Witch Bakery (a bakery solely dedicated to brownies?!), grabbing some Stumptown Coffee at Ace Hotel‘s coffee bar, purchasing aforementioned under-eye concealer (I needed it!), and dinner at Eataly.

Dinner at Mario Batali's Eataly. Mmmmm.

Obviously, it was terrible.

Now, about the business aspect of my trip. We took a long stop here and I probably could’ve spent all day in there.

Without a plan, it’s a little overwhelming. Okay, it’s a LOT overwhelming. Thankfully, I had an idea what I wanted to carry in the shop. So, after a few deep breaths and focusing on just a fraction of one wall, I made some decisions.

Low and behold, my twill tape order arrived today! By name–twill tape– it doesn’t sound very exciting, I know. It is, however, very soft and functional and beautifully simple. I had drawstrings in mind for tote bags and pajama pants, but you can use it for embellishments, hair ribbons, wrapping presents, and even for seam binding. It’s pretty versatile.

Most of my product decisions have been made with one major consideration – softness. If you’re going to wear it or snuggle up with it, it’s gotta feel good! All the fabrics and yarns in the Home Made shop meet this requirement and I believe this really makes a difference in how you feel about your finished project. It’s no fun if you’ve spent hours and hours making a quilt or shirt and then you don’t even want to use it because it’s scratchy or uncomfortable. Boo.

Good thing, I also have this approach to footwear as we walked nearly the entire day. A big thanks to Mom and Carol for being such good sports and letting me direct our stops with my “important business.” And, thank you to Stumptown Coffee for brewing such a delicious House Blend that I have enjoyed while writing this post on a dreary, rainy morning.


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