Break Out Those Party, er Paint, Pants and Let’s Celebrate!

March 08, 2011 Julie

March has certainly arrived with its deceiving sunny skies and fierce winds. And, I’ve finally learned my lesson about trash can storage with these crazy winds so I don’t risk my life dashing across Route 9 trying to save them. Okay, perhaps a bit dramatic, but my mother didn’t call me Sarah Bernhardt growing up for nothing. Anyway, I now keep my trash cans in the basement and, thankfully, don’t produce enough stinky trash for this to be a problem. At least, yet.

Did you know that March is also fiercely celebrated??? It’s National Craft Month! It’s Women’s History Month, home to International Women’s Day and Social Worker Month! There’s also St. Patty’s Day and my cousin’s and uncle’s birthdays. Oh, and today is Fat Tuesday. Anything else???

If ever there was a month for me, I think it would be March (if you don’t count the fact that I’m not Irish and wasn’t born this month). This shouldn’t be surprising to you, but I’m kind of into crafts, I’m a woman, causes that support women around the world are close to my heart, and I am/was a social worker. Additionally, I thoroughly enjoyed the book and film Little Women, tale of the Jo March and her sisters (which also introduced me and my peers to the dreaminess of Christian Bale). And, my birthday is in April, which is really close to March. As my father would say, “Shazam!” (Yes, he actually uses this word but I can’t say for sure if it’s spelled with an “s-h-i“ or an “s-h-a”).

Needless to say, this is a big month. And, quite appropriate to be Home Made’s second month of business!

Already, I’ve met many of you who were brave enough to come out in the cold and try a new craft or resume a project you had set aside for a while, with a renewed dedication to finishing. I’ve gotten to see how talented you are, with projects sometimes involving knitting from a pouf of raw silk or seeing how you can whip up a gorgeous quilt in just a few weeks.

To celebrate this second month of business and all these special occasions, we’re upgrading the Home Made studio a bit. I know you’re thinking: Julie, but how could it get any better?! (: Well, there’s always room for improvement and with a few minor changes and new tables (custom built by Dad from my old bed frame), it’ll be even more pleasant and functional. You know what this means? I’m breaking out my party pants (aka, paint pants that I promise not to wear in public–unless it’s to Lowe’s or my local Sherwin Williams spot, of course)!

That’s right, folks.

As I work to upgrade things around here, I hope you’ll stop in if you haven’t already. To celebrate this action-packed month, sign up for a class, treat yourself to some new craft supplies, or join us for our weekly Knit + Crochet Club!

Find a cause close to your heart to support women locally or internationally. And, maybe once you finish that final Dragon Tattoo book (okay, this is probably just me), pick up a book that tells the story of a tenacious and inspiring heroine (though, I would count Lisbeth Salander as one of them!). You might choose to read about the March sisters or could check here or here for some other ideas.

Now, go celebrate all those crafty, gutsy, social justice-oriented women in your lives (including yourself). Go!


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