Baby Quilt-In-A-Day Project

March 15, 2011 Julie

I did it. I finally got around to making a quilt with some of these fun fabrics I have lying around! The finished project was on display in the shop only for a short while before I gave it away as a baby shower present. I made sure to take some photos before wrapping it up (and could even take them outside, while not even wearing a jacket!).

Allegedly, this quilt can be made in about 2 hours as it’s Cloud9 Fabrics‘ “Quilt in a Day” project. Now, I didn’t break out the stop watch to time myself and was multi-tasking while sewing this project so it’s hard to assess whether I would be in the 2-hour range. I also am guilty of taking it slow because I so enjoyed working with these soft fabrics and paused after nearly each quilt row to stand back and relish in how it was coming together so beautifully. Come on, you know you do it, too!

Rest assured, I have plans to test this 2-hour quilt by making a second (you know, my nephew Finn has his 1st birthday fast approaching). I’ll try my best to stay focused, avoiding any possible distraction from the softness of the fabric and will keep an eye on the clock (I do really need to know how long it takes to make this because I’m planning to offer this as a class project!). Though, I usually prefer not to time my projects as I’d much rather get lost in the process of making.

Inspired by the elephant print in my quilt and my addiction to felt crafts, I made a little felt elephant plushy toy to go on top of the baby shower gift. I used the string from the gift tag to secure this cute Elephant to the top , right next to pom pom (that I made from an old tshirt following these instructions).

The new mama-to-be loved the gift so let’s hope–fingers crossed–that baby likes it too!

You can find some of Cloud9 Fabrics’ lovely organic cottons in the Home Made shop, including their adorable elephant print (which is hard to see in the photo but I guarantee you will agree about its adorable-ness). And, you can find the “Quilt in a Day” tutorial here.


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