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March 29, 2011 Julie

It may be the English major in me, but I often annotate as I read or, when I find a quote that speaks to me, I jot it down in a separate journal. I’ve adopted this method of journaling instead of a daily diary. Surely, it’s not as detailed or juicy as those diaries I kept in middle school about who-liked-who and who-was-mad-at-who (which also have Snoopy on them and a teensy-tiny lock to give the illusion of security as my brother could’ve easily hacked it), but you can still get a sense of whatever I was/am working through in my life by detecting a theme in my quotes. Disappointingly, my current “journal” is very boring–a plain blue; perhaps, for the more serious/adult version of me.

Every so often I look through my quote journal to remind myself of inspirational words I’ve come across. I’ve noticed that over the last year or so, many of them have been about staying focused to achieve a goal or holding onto a dream. I guess I needed to reassure myself a lot that I wasn’t crazy for abandoning my slightly more traditional career path and pursuing a business like Home Made!

Today, rather than talk about craft projects or my love for Anna Maria Horner fabrics, I’m sharing a page of my quote journal with you. Especially since I broke out my yoga mat yesterday after it’s been on a year-long break and I’m feelin’ introspective.

AND, because I’ve met a number of you visiting my shop that have told me your dreams of opening your own business or creating your own space in the house dedicated to art. It’s a beautiful thing to give yourself – space and time to create something. You should totally do it!

Have you come across this quote before? What quotes inspire you?


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