Finn’s Birthday Quilt

April 08, 2011 Julie

I made my nephew Finn this quilt for his upcoming 1st birthday. I don’t think blog reading is really his thing, so I’m pretty sure he won’t find out about his present until his party in a few weeks. Just don’t tell him if you see him, okay? ;)

Finn’s quilt is my second unsuccessful attempt to make the “Quilt in a Day” in “a Day.” I seem to always drag projects out over the course of several days because, let’s face it, I get distracted. Or a lovely customer comes into the shop. Or another task is more pressing. Regardless, I’ve figured out how I want to turn this project into a class for you all. As you’ve already heard, the last one I made was a huge hit at Molly’s baby shower so if you know lots of pregnant ladies like I do, this could be your gift to the expecting mama that wows the crowd. The finished quilt measures 33″ x 46″ which is great for a crib blanket or something a toddler can tote around.

Soon, you can make one yourself in Home Made’s craft studio. Be sure to check back here over the weekend to get the details and sign up!

Now, if only I were Finn-sized and could curl up on the couch with this quilt and finish reading The Kite Runner . I’ve got about 76 books left to read on the BBC’s Book List Challenge list (and, that’s if I’m generous and count the ones I skimmed or barely retained after reading in college). I’m excited to check this one off the list!


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