A Birthday Wish

April 20, 2011 Julie

As you get older, do you really need to wait for the cake and candles to make a birthday wish?

Back in the 80’s, I’d say the Petrellas really knew how to throw a good party. Mom always made a cake and decorated it with my favorite characters whether it was Kermit the Frog or Puppy Brite (the constant companion of both Ms. Rainbow Brite and myself, of course). We would play Pin-the-Cherry-on-the-Ice-Cream-Cone and have competitions to see who could be the fastest at carrying a potato on a spoon without dropping it. Ah, the fun! Ah, the innocence. . .

Those days, I probably wished for a My Little Pony toy or for extra rainbow sprinkles with my ice cream as I blew out my birthday candles (okay. . . I still wish for extra rainbow sprinkles, even when it’s not my birthday).

But now, without My Little Ponies and potato races to look forward to, I hold sacred the birthday wish. And, this year, I didn’t wait for candles or cake. I just went ahead and made it. And, I swear it wasn’t because I was nervous about how many candles I’ve accumulated. When you’re a grown up, you make your birthday wish when you want to! Though, I’ve been told that you’re not actually a grown up if you call yourself a grown up. . .

Anyway, this year’s birthday wish goes out for you, Uncle Frank (who recently memorized parts of my latest blog posts so he could repeat my words back to me in a high-pitched teasing voice to show he cared). Mwah.

Cue music.

I hope you’ll stop by the shop today – you know I included you in my birthday celebration, right? If you’re confused, maybe you should sign up to receive and read my pretty fancy newsletter for the details! Seriously, click the link. I’m not trying to leave you out!


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