Drawer Shelves: After

May 13, 2011 Julie

Remember my plans to add some new wall storage in the shop with some old dresser drawers? I was so excited about the drawer “shelving” that I had seen at Anthropologie in NYC that I was hoping to create a similar look in the Home Made shop.

As I got into the project, I was forced to come to terms with the fact that my drawers would not look like Anthropologie’s because they just weren’t that interesting. No cool chipping paint or rustic wood. They were actually pretty ugly, mostly unfinished, wood drawers. While I knew the easiest thing to do was paint them with the white paint I already had, my excitement diminished. I wouldn’t say I’m a gal who loves her bling, but what’s so fun about white drawers attached to your wall?!

I had to open myself up to some other inspiration. Chevron stripes seem to be everywhere these days. But, what helped inspire me was this beautiful photo my brother’s colleague took during their work trip to Switzerland.

I love this photo because the view is so serene, yet the building has these unexpected bright patterned shutters (the Swiss seem to love this pattern, too!). There you go. My motivation was restored when I decided to recreate this herringbone/chevron stripe pattern on the face of my drawers. Warning:  If you tend *not* to geek out over these things, the measuring, taping, and patiently painting several coats will probably become a little/a lot tedious.

I love red but I went with a light gray for the herringbone/chevron pattern (what is this called, anyway?)–toned-down is better when you already have yellow stripes on your ceiling! Then, I added some fun hardware and enlisted Dad’s help to hang them.

My wall is now functional and I was able to open up some space elsewhere in the shop so I can prepare for the arrival of some more inventory next week! (:

Here’s a tip: If you’re going to try this kind of painted pattern, I recommend taping out your areas in sections and always paint your desired stripe the base color (in my case white) before you paint the contrast color (light gray). This will help keep your lines nice and crisp, which should cut down on your touch-up painting later.


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