Bonnie + Abe’s Workshop Tour

May 24, 2011 Julie

I love it when I can cram in a visit to see some friends (AND yoga and laundry) on my day off. It’s particularly inspiring when they are creative folks who invite me into their workspace to see how and where they do what they do. Even better, is figuring out some details for a little collaborative project (yep, just a teaser–more on that later). (:

Yesterday, I took a field trip to visit Bonnie and Abe Warren. You might remember my post about them a few months ago–they are the talented couple behind my fabulous tree stump bedside tables that were made of old telephone poles. Their home and workshop perfectly suit them and and every inch showcases their craftmanship, from their back deck to their kitchen counters to a stairwell going leading up to a study. Abe has fun giving directions to his house without giving a house number, so his friends are charged with looking at each home and stopping as soon as they spot the house that unquestionably belongs to him (he knows it’s not that difficult to figure out!).

Bonnie and Abe live in Salem, NJ and participated in Salem County’s “Arts in Bloom” Springtime Studio & Gallery Tour this past weekend. As a new stop on the tour, they showed off their home and workshop to visitors. Thankfully, they gave me the tour even though I was a day late.

Their workshop is situated in their backyard and you can see how very busy they are, with all their works in progress as well as some finished pieces ready for upcoming fine arts and crafts festivals (including Appel Farm Arts & Music Festival on Saturday, June 4!)

They also keep a stash of wood in the very back of their yard, already imagining how these pieces will be transformed into furniture or something else.

Bonnie and Abe are known for using really uniquely shaped wood, including the cast-offs found at the sawmill where Abe works. They don’t cut trees specifically for their projects and use whatever waste wood produced for heating their home and workshop.

If you’re interested in purchasing one of their pieces, you can contact them for more information about their work and upcoming shows by calling 856.935.8952.

And, you can find more information about the Appel Farm Arts & Music Festival here.

Really great seeing you guys! Thank you.


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