Make Your Own Worm Bin: A Workshop with Cape May Organics

June 07, 2011 Julie

If you’ve been following the progress of the Home Made community garden (or been subjected to me talking incessantly about my new fascination with worms), you probably could’ve guessed it was only a matter of time before I teamed up with Jim Hutchison from Cape May Organics to offer a workshop.

Photo by TushyD on Flickr

Jim is on a mission to get the worms out. He has been diligently pouring worm tea on our beautiful plants and offering some great deals through his Facebook page for those of you interested in purchasing some of his goods. And, now he’s going to teach YOU how to make your own worm bin so you can enjoy the benefits of organic fertilizer all year!

Our garden’s lookin’ good! Real good.  This week we mixed the worm tea with a little dish soap so it would not only fertilize but keep those pesky pests away. And, in case you’re wondering, that’s salt hay you see. It’s supposed to help keep the weeds and mud down. It feels like I need one of these and a piece of straw hanging out of my mouth to even step foot in my garden. (:

Be sure to join Jim and me on Sunday, June 26 from 3-4:30PM for a “Make Your Own Worm Bin” workshop here at Home Made. You can see the full scoop on our classes page here.  Cost is $28 and all materials are included. As space is limited and payment is required to reserve your space, please call the Home Made shop at 609.536.2940 or stop by to register!

Soon, you’ll be impressing your friends at dinner parties with your vast knowledge of vermicomposting (who doesn’t want to talk about worms at the dinner table?!) AND showing off photos of your home grown organic veggies on your phone like it’s a new puppy. (:


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