Mom’s Saturday Market Bag

July 07, 2011 Julie

To prepare for Home Made’s first section of the “Saturday Market Bag” class next week, I had a little trial run with Mom. As you might imagine, I really had to twist her arm on this one. Really, why would Cindy Petrella want a new bag to take with her on vacation, to show off to her friends at work, and to carry all her produce and/or knitting projects?!

Actually, I think it was her idea to be my guinea pig for this class. She’s a smart one! Though, she didn’t anticipate my requirement of allowing me to take photos of her with it. Mom, you and your bag look fabulous! (:

Mom chose two organic cottons to create my new favorite combination–“Clearing” from Cloud9 Fabrics‘ Nature Walk line and “Medium Dot” in Mineral from Birch Fabrics‘ Circa 60 Beach Mod line. Perfect for pickin’ those organic veggies from our community garden!

As you can see, we have some gigantic and prolific yellow squash plants on our hands! New yellow squash recipes, anyone???

The “Saturday Market Bag” class starting this coming Tuesday is full. But, don’t fret because we’ve got a few more sections available this summer! Check out our classes page here for all the details.


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