Big Decisions (about Paint)

July 21, 2011 Julie

If you’ve stopped in or driven by the Home Made house lately, you might’ve noticed something new and exciting. I’m not talking about the gorgeous figs that are now ripening on their tree, supplying me with a delicious daily snack (and the ability to offer a free fig with purchase in the Home Made shop–or, with at least a commitment to put up some Home Made flyers at the campground where you’re staying. . .). (:

No, I’m talking about the new house and door paint colors! Which, if you were distracted by the figs I could understand how you might not notice. Kinda.

Ever since I started dreamed of starting my own business, I’ve had to take risks. And, make lots of decisions where there wasn’t–and still isn’t–a clearly defined “correct” answer. In the words of Seth Godin, I have had to “confront the risk of appearing stupid on a regular basis.”

So, why is choosing a house color so darn difficult?! Will children starve and massive tragedy envelope Cape May County, or perhaps the tri-state area, if I don’t choose the “right” color? Obviously, no.

At worst, I will have to accept the house as it is painted in whatever color I choose until I have the time/money to change it. The house (and I) may appear stupid for a little bit. How bad is that? It already looks kinda silly to have just the front entrance painted anyway. . .

I’m sold on the “Curry” color for the door, but that sure is a lot of house to have in “Lagoon.” As I try to keep things in perspective, I still may have to sit on this paint color dilemma a little while longer; because I really don’t want to starve any children or wreak havoc on my neighbors and community. No, I sure don’t want to do that.


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