Saving Doors + Making Memo Boards

August 10, 2011 Julie

If you want to feel like a badass (and by badass, I mean “feeling so cool that your very presence is radiating with awesomeness”), arm yourself with some tools and a borrowed truck and embark on a solo mission to rescue doors from an abandoned house (with permission, of course). Well, I guess not getting permission could be slightly more badass–but, that’s not how we roll here at Home Made. . .

I set out on this mission to score more supplies for our Repurposed Window + Door Memo Board class. That way, I could finally schedule some more classes for you here in the Home Made studio!  So, while trucks, tools, and a sweaty effort to save some old doors might not be your thing, our class could be your ticket to feeling like a badass, too. (:

This next batch of classes will have a mix of custom window and door frames for your memo boards, prepared by talented Joe + Cindy Petrella (aka, my parents). Now, you’ll have some more options for personalizing your project. I’m especially excited to incorporate some doors into this class since there was such a fabulous response to this corkboard I made for the shop.

Thankfully, the collecting the wine corks for the class doesn’t require as much effort.

Oceanbleu Photography

You can see we have quite the collection thanks to the many many generous people that selflessly drink lots of wine so Home Made can continue making memo boards. ;)

Stay tuned for more Fall classes posted here; however, if you’d like to take this class in late August, please email me at julie (at) behomemade (dot) com or call the shop at 609.536.2940 and I’ll do my best to coordinate with your schedule.


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