Back-to-Fall Socialite Dress

August 24, 2011 Julie

When I was younger, one of my favorite things about the impending new school year was going shopping for some new clothes. You gotta dress to impress, right?

As it turned out, my fellow students noticed (and seemingly forgot my misguided fashion choices in middle school, ie. Hypercolor t-shirtsWigwams and Adidas soccer shoes?!). My graduating year at Ocean City High School, I was named “Best Dressed” for our Senior Superlatives. Thankfully, not as much pressure as “Most Likely to Succeed” but still will make you think twice before choosing your class reunion outfit.

I may not have to go back to school, but I still miss the new outfits. Without justification to go shopping for myself, I decided to make Anna Maria Horner‘s Socialite Dress in one of her beautiful cotton voile prints. Perfect for transitioning from Summer to Fall, I expect this dress to go just as easily with sandals or some boots and a cardigan.

What are your Back-to-Fall outfits? Did you make any of them yourself?

Both the sewing pattern and fabric are available for purchase in the Home Made shop! 


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