A New Storage Unit by Dad

September 23, 2011 Julie

While I was camping in Martha’s Vineyard a few weeks ago, Home Made had a few elves working behind the scenes to help me prepare for an expanding shop inventory upon my return. In just one weekend (though, his project deliberation time can often take months), my Dad built this beautiful storage unit out of some of the doors we saved from a house in Avalon that was about to be demolished. Some doors weren’t quite right for our Repurposed Door Memo Board class, but Dad knew he could make something out of them.

Once the storage unit was built, Mom took over sanding. And then, when I returned from my road trip, she and I put on the finishing touches which included a white-wash to lighten and distress the wood a bit.

I love how there are little clues that these shelves were once doors, like the openings for doorknobs.

Of course, this unit wouldn’t be as exciting if it weren’t filled with beautiful things like some bolts of Timeless Treasures Sketch Solids, stacks of colorful felt pieces, and Blue Sky Alpacas Pretty Cheep project bags.

It won’t be long before those other cubbies are filled with some new yarn (or that I figure out what to do with all those ugly electronic cords)!

A BIG thanks to my fabulously supportive parents whose energy and talent never cease to amaze me.


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