Friends Don’t Let Friends Knit While Watching Season Premieres

September 28, 2011 Julie

Where were you when I was knitting away, all invested in the season premiere of Revenge (what did you think of that show?), and decreasing on my sock’s gusset on the wrong end of my needle?!

Yes, “knitter code” is clear–friends certainly don’t let friends knit drunk. Makes total sense. But, I think similar caution should be exercised while all these fun new TV shows are introducing themselves.

As a gal who previously had rabbit ears on her TV and considers basic cable (all 6 channels!) an upgrade, there is some evidence to suggest that I may just be deprived of decent television and got a little more distracted with excitement than your average knitter. Okay, you have a valid point. Perhaps, blaming you is a little unfair.

Regardless of whether Revenge was really worth having to unknit 15 rows of gusset or whether you did (or did not do) your friendly duty to stop me from knitting while immersing myself in the troubled lives of Hampton-ites, my ribbed sock is still coming along beautifully.

I’m using Spud & Chloe’s free online pattern for these ribbed socks and Spud & Chloe Fine yarn. I expect, with no further distractions, I should have one sock finished just in time to serve as a sample for Friday night’s sock class. (:

If you want to learn to knit socks and are bummed that you’re missing out on Friday’s class, shoot me an email at julie(at)behomemade(dot)com or give me a ring at 609.536.2940 so I can put you on my list for scheduling the next class.



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