Welcome to Yarn Club, Callie!

September 30, 2011 Julie

Yarn Club welcomed our newest member this past Wednesday–Calliope! She doesn’t knit or crochet yet but I suppose we can cut her a little slack since she is only 4 weeks old. Maybe once she stops being so darn preoccupied with eating, she’ll reveal some of the creativity she surely inherited from her talented parents. . .

Callie’s parents, Julia and Mike Mills, have been regulars at Yarn Club since I first opened Home Made (well, okay, mostly Julia but we love visits from Mike, too!). So, when Julia announced her due date, Yarn Club began conspiring on a little baby gift.

Blue Sky Alpacas worsted organic cotton yarn seemed an obvious choice. Aside from it being super soft, I have so many fun colors in the Home Made shop that each Yarn Club member could choose their own color for making squares for Callie’s blanket. We knew Julia long enough to know that the more color, the better. (:

Susan B. Anderson’s “Patches” pattern from her book Itty-Bitty Nursery served as a guide for creating our own patchwork blanket. Instead of making all garter stitch squares as the pattern suggests, everyone made knit or crochet squares in the design of their choice to add to the whimsicality of this blanket.

This gift wasn’t complete without some cute wrapping so I jazzed up simple craft paper with some extra yarn and pom poms. And, I followed this tutorial for creating that cute baby card for everyone to sign.

Sleep-deprived Julia and Mike were such great sports in coming out to Yarn Club so we could present them with Callie’s blanket. Thank you! (And, the new parents also got multiple offers to babysit out of their visit, too!)

Thank you to all the Yarn Clubbers who contributed to the blanket! Great teamwork Carol, Cindy (aka Mom), Hope, Kelly, Kiesha, Mary Beth, Meg, Susan, and Susie! Next time, we’ll have to try one of those blankets where we sit knee to knee and all knit the blanket at the same time. Of course, we’d have to figure out a few more logistics but it sounds like fun, right? Right???



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