Heirloom Hand Towel

October 06, 2011 Julie

I won’t name any names. But, there were a few scrunched up noses with sideways glances and a “Really???” in response to my plan to make a bathroom hand towel out of Joel Dewberry’s beautiful Heirloom fabric.

I’m no stranger to that response. It’s the kind of response you get when you tell people you’re naming your (former) dog Leroy. Or, when you say you’re opening a craft shop. You’re telling me that you don’t really get it. Or, you’re just not that into the idea. At first. And, then I show you what an awesome idea it is and win you over! (:

Because, why not name your dog Leroy? Why not take a shot at your own business?And, why not make a fancy hand towel for your bathroom if it makes you smile?

This project will take you 20 minutes (!!!) and only requires 2 fat quarters of fabric and a 4 1/2 inch piece of 1/2 inch twill tape. Matching rose to put in small vase optional, nice smelling hand soap recommended).

P.S. If you want some more specifics on how to make this hand towel, just say so in the comments below and I’ll put some directions together for you. Maybe even a tutorial with pictures if you ask real niiice.


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