First Socks

October 22, 2011 Julie

For those of us who geek out over knitting and learning new techniques (and if you are one of them–you know!), spending an evening turning the heel or closing up the toe of a knit sock is a good time. Even better if it’s with lovely company and over candy corn and hot tea on a chilly night.

That’s just what Heather, Kathleen, Tammy and I did last night. (: We finished our first knit sock and cast on for our second. These ladies were kind enough to take Home Made’s beginner sock class with me, using Spud & Chloe’s Ribbed Socks for Bigger Feet free online pattern and Spud & Chloe Fine yarn. I think I can speak for the group when I say that this yarn is awesome and the pattern is terrific for a first attempt at socks, especially because it can be made in a solid color or stripes. Word on the street (or in the Home Made studio) is that knitting a sock was also not as difficult and didn’t take as long as they expected.

So, are YOU ready to knit socks? I’ve got lots of pretty colors of Spud & Chloe Fine in the Home Made shop and am ready to schedule a new section of this class! Call the shop at 609.536.2940 or email me at julie(at)behomemade(dot)com and we’ll figure out when more of this fun is gonna go down.

If socks aren’t your thing, then click here to see all the other classes offered in the Home Made studio.

On a related note, if you’re not Heather, Kathleen or Tammy, I know you weren’t here last night. I hope that means you were out at Screamings Run getting the crap scared outta ya on their haunted walk (click here for details). It was their opening night and I’m sure it was a HUGE success – I know the actors and organizers have been working very hard to make it especially creepy for you!

I needed more than a few drinks and happy thoughts about rainbows and puppy kisses to recover from Terror Behind the Walls at Eastern State Penitentary a few years ago. In fact, I think I still have tension in my neck and shoulders because of it. . . So, I’m going to pass on the haunted walk. But you should go. You’ll love it.


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